Sunday, March 27, 2011

Teenage Dream

Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to score myself a ticket to the Foo Fighters charity gig for Christchurch. I say lucky because it was a rather small venue. This naturally angered some people but I'm sure everyone who was there would agree the exclusivity just added to the intimate, special feel of the gig.

Since moving to Auckland I've taken advantage of the fact that most big acts- unless you're Elton John- play here first and foremost when touring New Zealand. As a result I've seen some amazing artists in the past eighteen months (Cat Stevens, Metallica, U2 and Jay Z to name a few) but I have to make a massive call and say that in my opinion the Foos blew all of them out of the water. Their energy was unfathomable, they played all the hits as well as their new album in it's entirety and gave off the vibe of being real, caring, nice guys...sigh.

But this isn't a concert review. I know that if you didn't make it to the gig you're probably wanting to punch me right now so I promise I'll stop rubbing salt in the wound. Instead, I want to talk about the real reason why I was so desperate to get tickets.

Sure the Foo Fighters are still a great band and the money was going to a very deserving cause but I had a much more selfish reason for going. Basically I couldn't afford not to go for fear of pissing off the fifteen year old me. As a teen, I worshipped Dave Grohl and the boys with the kind of obsessive passion that only teenagers possess. Unfortunately I never got the chance to see them live (mainly due to my teenage wage).

I've got to admit though that as I've aged my music tastes have changed and I haven't bought a Foos album for many a year. Don't get me wrong, they are definitely still cool but I felt like I'd fallen off the bandwagon so to speak. It was only when I heard they were coming to New Zealand that all those memories of my teenage self cranking 'My Hero' on repeat in my bedroom came surging back. I had to go.

Now for a confession. This wasn't the first time I went to a concert to satisfy a younger version of myself. No, ahem, that would be the Backstreet Boys gig at Vector Arena last year. Before you judge me I'd just like to say that I did get the tickets for free (thanks More FM) and I definitely wasn't the only twenty something there. Infact I would say that the average age on the night ranged from 20 to 25. Seriously.

The nostalgia factor had obviously got the better of more than just me...even if Kevin the creepy vampiresque one wasn't there. Naturally it was tragic. Think sitting on seats turned the wrong way round, matching glow in the dark shoes, countless costume changes and movie montage scenes of the boys superimposing themselves into such films as The Matrix.I don't think I've ever laughed so much, it was so much fun! The rest of the crowd seemed to think so too.

It seems that going to as many concerts as possible is top of mind with a lot of twenty somethings. It's often a resolution as it was for Tom and I. Sure you may be more fanatic about bands in your teens (and tweens) but seeing them live is a harder task. Plus when you're younger you know that you have the rest of your life to see these musicians but as a twenty something you realise that time is of the essence. Particularly with so many legendary bands calling it quits recently- I'm still crying into my cup of tea over The White Stripes.

Now that we have the funds and live in the area where most major international artists gig, it seems rude not to see all those bands we adored once- even if we're not as devoted fans these days. The Foo Fighters gig made me realise that it's definitely the best way to relive your youth. After spending years idolising Dave Grohl I couldn't imagine what I would do if I saw him in the flesh. It turns out I would squeal like a little girl.

Somewhat ironically, I was certainly feeling my age with various moshing injuries the following morning. It was a teenage dream come true, if only for a night.

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  1. Hey 'manda it's harry. I FUCKING LOVE DAVE GROHL! but you know that already. i was sooo bruised the following morning after the show. I think i may have injured my ribs. I freaking love Foos. I was soo stoked I was right up the front for that. I'm 21 and i still want to have tiny Grohl babies.
    Although it has been drummed into me, since I first started playing drums at 14, that Dave Grohl is God. Pretty sure my drum teacher did a bit of brain washing there but no matter haha. Him and Ellen Degeneris. Freaking love her too. The two nicest people in the world; can you imagine how nice their kids would be if they pro-created? haha