Friday, April 6, 2012

London Calling

This morning is Good Friday and while the rest of town was enjoying a sleep in I was tossing about like a kid anxiously awaiting the Easter Bunny. Mind you, the glaring sun shining into our shoebox apartment at 7am didn't help either (daylight saving ending plus white blinds does not a good combination make). The real reason I was having trouble sleeping though is because I am just three (restless) sleeps away from my overseas adventure.

 Today is the day I had set aside to pack my bag and attempt to carry that bag on my back. This wouldn't require as much forward planning if I wasn't a hopeless over packer or for that matter, five foot four with little to no back strength. So here I am...not packing but procrastinating with a blog. I figure that this blog is pretty important though as it will be my last one written in New Zealand for at least seven weeks. Bit bloody exciting really.

I'm not just here to brag though (I have Facebook for that). I did want to share some inner turmoil I've been experiencing. Well maybe turmoil is too strong a word.- I just happen to be hosting some over active butterflies in my stomach. I am a worrier and this is my first long haul flight so naturally I'm thinking of all the ways that I could get lost in airports, miss connections and so on. Mainly though, I'm pretty miffed that I have to leave my man behind.

Despite being in a long distance relationship once upon a time, this will still be longest I've gone without seeing Tom and that's a bit of scary thought. Without him I have a decreased sense of logic, no sense of direction and a bit of a hole in my heart. Stop making puke noises please. I'm serious, I will miss him more than anything back in NZ- even pineapple lumps.

When you live with someone, especially if they are the only other person you live with, it just seems unnatural when they're not there. This is why I'm so thankful for the amazing technology we have around these days to help keep us in touch with loved ones on the other side of the world.

In the dark ages when my Mum went on her OE she left my Dad for six months. Today this wouldn't be such an issue, what with the likes of Skype, email and global roaming but back then it they had none of that and a communication breakdown ensued. Mum recently told me the story of how she wrote to Dad from almost every place they visited and in turn waited patiently for a reply. Imagine how devastated she was when she didn't receive a single word from Dad for the whole trip.

Turns out that Dad had replied to every letter but alas, they never reached Mum. Luckily they got over it and have stayed together for thirty odd years but nowadays, who knows what that lack of communication would do to a relationship.

Lucky for me, I can take comfort in the fact that Tom and I will easily be able to keep in touch and knowing that one day I'm going to take him to all the new favourite places I discover is going to get me through missing him.

No time for butterflies now, London's calling.

Adios, Au Revoir, Yia Sou, Ciao, Ta ta for now...